An amazing first year for what will no doubt be an important genre film festival ongoing. Amazing, interesting people. A diverse selection of films. Ambitious. Upbeat. A great place to watch strange cinema and hang out with people who, like us, eat, sleep and breathe movies. Can’t wait to go back!
— Chris Alexander, Managing Editor of ShockTillYouDrop.com and Filmmaker (Female Werewolf)
The Fantastic Cinema and Craft Beer Fest lived up to its name: It was fantastic and then some! The organizers and staff obviously put a ton of love and hard work into making this event a great success. The programing was top-notch; I was especially impressed with feature films The Eyes of my Mother, The Alchemists Cookbook, and In the Dark. The horror and sci-fi short films were incredible: At times hilarious, terrifying, and gut-wrenching; some of my favorites include: The Smiling Man, How Deep Can I Get, and Heat. The panel with Canadian production company Luchagore on no-budget filmmaking was engaging, interesting, and inspirational.

The Craft Beer element was a fantastic addition and a brilliant idea! The local breweries who participated at the Beer Garden were all spectacular; I was even blown away by a refreshing blueberry brew!

This is an event worth traveling to. I’m already planning for next year’s fest and encouraging all of my genre-loving friends to attend. I can’t wait to see how Fantastic Cinema and Craft Beer fest grows; it should definitely be considered one of the country’s premier film festivals!
— Josh Millican, Director of Community at Crypt TV
Had a wonderful time: it was a lot of fun. High caliber, engaging. The films were thought provoking and unique themes. Show was well executed: Bravo!
— Michael Berryman, Actor (Cured, The Hills Have Eyes)
Tony Taylor and all the staff, including all the volunteers, made this festival happen. It was an amazing experience. We had the chance to meet some very talented filmmakers and watch all their great films. It is always a fun time in Little Rock. We hope to be back next year!
— The Cuartas Brothers (Jonathan & Michael), Filmmakers (Twelve Traditions)
Fantastic Cinema is a festival experience to remember. I am so lucky to have been invited to Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival 2016. What stood out to me is not only the hospitality and friendliness of the festival but the quality of work they show in their line up. It made my job on the jury really hard and so rewarding to see all the amazing talent that is offered in the world.
I had an absolute blast at FC and can’t wait to head back. By the way, best craft beer I’ve ever had!
— Gigi Saul Guerrero, Luchagore Productions, Filmmakers (Fantastic Cinema Emerging Filmmaker Award Winners)