Emerging Filmmakers Award Winner Luchagore Productions Spotlighted Throughout Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival #SUDSandCIN

Luchagore Productions Gordon Cheng, Luke Bramley, Gigi Saul Guerrero, and Raynor Shima

As previously announced, the Film Society of Little Rock has selected Luchagore Productions of Vancouver, B.C., to receive the Fantastic Cinema Emerging Filmmakers Award at the upcoming Fantastic Cinema and Craft Beer Festival  on April 7-10 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Fantastic Cinema has given us the honor of accepting the Emerging Filmmaker Award this year. As the producer of Luchagore Productions and on behalf of our team, this recognition strikes deep into the heart for what we have worked for. Not only does it strengthen our motivation in creating more visual stories but also pushes me to continue working harder,” said Raynor Shima, Luchagore Productions producer, production designer, and 1st A.D.

The special award recognizes up-and-coming filmmakers whose body of work displays the potential to have a significant impact on the world of genre films both in the immediate and distant future.

In a short amount of time Gigi, Raynor, Luke, and everybody they work with has shown they are filmmakers who know their craft and clearly love what they do. I have no doubt we will continue to see great things from Luchagore in the near future and for years to come,” said Tony Taylor, Fantastic Cinema Festival Director.

Luchagore Productions' Luke Bramely, Gigi Saul Guerrero, and Raynor Shima will be in attendance at Fantastic Cinema to accept the award on behalf of everybody they work with including co-founder.

The aim of Luchagore Productions is “to push the boundaries of the genre and create sick and twisted, bloody-good-time films that will leave our audiences disgusted and cheering for more!

Mexico City native Gigi Saul Guerrero who moved to Vancouver B.C., where she graduated with honors with a B.A. in Motion Picture Production at Capilano University’s “Bosa Centre for Film and Animation” serves as director, co-writer, co-editor, and head of marketing.

She exclaimed, “What can I say… Wow! I am absolutely speechless. It is a huge honor to be receive The Emerging Filmmaker Award. Luchagore Productions has worked so hard to get where we are today, and this recognition means the world to us. Gracias, Fantastic Cinema for this beautiful award. I am thrilled and inspired to continue chasing my dreams in film!

Luke Bramley, cinematographer, co-director and co-editor, said, “Thank you Fantastic Cinema, for honoring us with the Emerging Filmmaker Award. We are huge fans of genre movies and love creating art for others to see, and this award ensures that we have connected with an audience who enjoy our passion. We will continue to push ourselves to make films that hopefully inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Fantastic Cinema wanted to take advantage of having Luke, Gigi, and Raynor at the festival by featuring them spotlight throughout our entire festival.



We will be screening the Regional Premiere of Luchagore's short film MADRE DE DIOS in the "All The Single Ladies (Gynophobia)" short film block on Saturday, April 9 at 2:25 pm (http://sched.co/6Xv2) and again in the "Phobophobia - A Horror Short Film Marathon" on Saturday, April 9, at 4:00 pm (http://sched.co/6ZbR).

"A woman wakes up bound to an altar, helpless as she is transformed into a flesh and blood statue of Santa Muerte by two elderly Brujos whose sole purpose is to conjure the anti-Christ into our plane of existence."


Luchagore has proven they definitely know how to make short films so we are very happy to have them join the Fantastic Cinema Jury as judges for the Short Film Competition.  We know the short film judging is in very competent hands with Luke, Gigi, Raynor, along with Crypt TV's Josh Millican and award winning short filmmaker Jarrod Paul Beck serving on the jury.


Luchagore Productions will also receive a Spotlight screening block in honor of them winning the Emerging Filmmakers Award:

Luchagore Productions, which is an award-winning horror production company in Vancouver Canada, presents their top shorts from their inception.  In just 3 years Luchagore has made over 16 shorts, including the popular Tex-Mex wrestler themed El Giante, and the disturbing supernatural Madre De Dios.  Luchagore’s team members aim to shake up the audience and deliver content that will have horror fans cackling with excitement and screaming in disgust!

This should be a must-see for our Fantastic Cinema audience who will have two opportunities to catch it:


Finally, something we are extremely excited about is a special Filmmaking Panel discussion featuring Luchagore Productions and Crypt TV's Josh Millican.  

Luchagore Productions has become an expert at creating high quality short films, often in 2 or 3 days, and with "no-budget".  Their short films have won awards and recognition all over the world including being frequently spotlighted on Eli Roth's Crypt TV.

Josh Millican, Crypt TV's Director of Community, will join Luchagore on the panel. "CryptTV creates original genre content guided by its motto #WeirdIsGood. Together we create and share the dark, edgy and different stories that bind us."  Josh joins in the discussion on what it takes to make a quality short film and what Crypt TV is looking for in short films to spotlight on their Facebook page which has over 1 million followers.

Every filmmaker should make plans to attend this panel on Sunday, April 10 at 3:30 pm. (http://sched.co/6Z1P).


Website: http://www.luchagoreproductions.com
Facebook Page: Luchagore Productions
Twitter @LuchaGoreFilm
InstaGram @luchagore


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