Announcing the Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival, Coming to Little Rock in 2016

The Film Society of Little Rock is happy to announce Fantastic Cinema is returning in 2016 and this time we are adding an exciting new element to the festival, Arkansas brewed craft beer! The Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival will take place over four days in the Spring of 2016, from April 7 - 10, 2016. 


In our Inaugural year Fantastic Cinema screened such award winning films as Grand Jury Feature Film winner THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET, Special Jury Feature Film winners CHILDREN’S SHOW and CUB, Grand Jury Short Film winner THE SUBSTITUTE, and Special Jury Short Film winner SLEEPING DEATH (LA MUERTE DORMIDA).

The festival is now accepting submissions via Film Freeway for independent genre films made around the world, inside the US, and in the state of Arkansas.  Click the Film Freeway logo below to submit your feature or short film today!


In YEAR TWO, Fantastic Cinema is ready to expand the audience and slate of the best genre films made outside the USA by also accepting submissions from films made in the USA. This will not take us away from our mission of showcasing the best foreign genre films. This will still happen. The only difference will be the festival is also looking for some of the best cutting edge independent genre films made in the USA.

New things we would like to screen this year are genre based or just odd documentaries. More grindhouse/midnight-movie style films. And we would like to screen some webseries. So if you have those please submit them!

True independent filmmakers have always been the backbone of genre films. Once again we plan to showcase films made with a budget under $100,000 USD.

For Short Films, we will once again feature an OPENING NIGHT SHORT, as well as spotlight a short film each night of the festival including the CLOSING NIGHT SHORT.


Now, at the 2016 Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival, you will be able to watch the best independent genre films while drinking some of the finest independent craft beer available in the state of Arkansas!

While brainstorming for ways to improve the festival we thought of the idea of also showcasing some of the best independent beers in the state of Arkansas.  If you live in Arkansas you know the craft beer market has exploded over the last 2 to 3 years. New independently owned craft beer labels seem to be popping up all over the state. Our goal is to bring as many of them together in one place as possible! 

We've only just started reaching out to craft breweries and already have commitments from four Little Rock based brewers; Diamond Bear, FlywayLost Forty, and Rebel Kettle!

Diamond Bear

Diamond Bear



Lost 40

Lost 40

Rebel Kettle

Rebel Kettle

We've also received a tentative yes from four other brewers that we hope to announce very soon and we will be reaching out to even more brewers in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye on the Fantastic Cinema Latest Updates page and on the Arkansas Craft Beer Garden page for new brewers to be added soon!

If you manage an Arkansas Craft Beer Brewery and would like to be a part of the festival, please contact Mindy Van Kuren at or Tony Taylor at!


Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival is 8 months away so there are many more announcements to come!  We've already secured at least one special guest that we will be announcing in the near future, with plans under way to bring many more filmmakers to the festival.

We are also working on several other partnerships that will help bring you a FANTASTIC festival experience.  So stay tuned to our website, sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest news and information!