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Kodak Shoot-On-Film Competition Screening

  • Ron Robinson Theater 100 River Market Avenue Little Rock, AR, 72201 United States (map)

Fantastic Cinema is proud to announce to Official Selections of the Kodak Shoot-On-Film Competition Short Films.  One of the following films will receive $2,000 worth of Kodak film stock!


Anna, Directed by Chris Roest
When Anna arrives at here new place she tries to settle down

Death Wears a Hat, Directed by Daniela Bornstein
United States
Death, while taking lives away, finds a little girl who inherits the responsibility.

Desolation, Directed by Alexander Bickford
United States  
An experimental film that explores violence, destruction, and decay.

Letter from Astoria, Directed by Dwight Chalmers
United States
Made in New York by Arkansas Filmmaker
Time spent in the big city can make you look for an escape. A super 8 journey thru New York. 

Majestic, 'o to Thee, Directed by Daniel Anderson
An experimental documentary chronicling the final days of the grand Majestic Hotel, a fixture of downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas, for over one hundred years.

My Better Nature, Directed by Al Topich and Michael Carpenter
A girl on the hunt to quench her thirst for life.

One of Many Places in Which Something Was Stolen, Directed by Eli Hayes & Amy Jacobson
United States  
Shot in 16mm on a turret Bolex, One of Many Places in Which Something Was Stolen is an experimental short film that takes along an ice-covered pond, concentrating on an incident involving a masked assailant and a young woman.

A Study of a Woman, Directed by Daniela Bornstein
United States
An experimental film that deconstructs the sexuality of the female figure.

That Unusual Brick, Directed by Jesse Burks
Made in Arkansas
In a posh, swanky restaurant, a neurotic man's perfect meal is interrupted by an unexpected little guest.

'Til the Day I Die, Directed by Nathan Willis
84-year-old Mississippi blues musician Leo Bud Welch talks about his life, the blues, and what comes after death. 

The Transmission, Directed by Brian Lonano
United States
While a storm rages outside and Henry drinks his bottle of absinthe, he receives a television transmission...from his dead wife. 

Viola Vs. The Vampire King, Directed by Kevin Fermini
United States  
When her big sister is taken under the spell of the dreaded Vampire King, Viola embarks on a mystical quest for revenge. After making her way across the kingdom the young adventurer reaches the edge of Spiderweb Forest, but is she ready to face her greatest battle yet?