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Channel Zero

  • The Center for Humanities and Arts (CHARTS) 3000 West Scenic Drive North Little Rock, AR, 72118 United States (map)

Channel Zero

Directed by John Nicol

Canada | 2015 | 83 mins

AWARDS: Best Feature, Muskoka Independent Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival


Imagine a world void of people and life as we know it. Yet this world displays evidence of very recent human occupation. The power is still on, buildings still stand - everything is as it was, except everything living has vanished. This is the shocking reality Darlan suddenly finds himself in. His story begins in a bed within an empty hospital. Upon opening his eyes, he remembers nothing, but quickly gleans a few disturbing facts. Darlan is dressed like a criminal and armed with a crowbar. Nearby is a smashed pharmaceutical cabinet... The signs are grim and imply something nefarious - and these are the only facts Darlan has to go on. He knows instinctively that things are wrong, and that his reality has been radically altered. Darlan must try to distinguish fact from fiction one pain-staking step at a time...




Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Nicol 

and I make movies…

I am a graduate of the Sheridan College, Media Arts program, and I have spent my entire life studying, analyzing, watching movies, and loving movies. I have spent several years writing screenplays, collaborating on other people’s films, making short, (festival screened films) and even writing, directing and producing my own independent feature which is currently making the festival rounds.

I currently have several completed screenplays, including SCOURGE (an ecological horror film), THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (a dark, supernatural drama), SEPTEMBER (a psychological drama) and RETIRED? (a slick horror film, now in pre-production.)

My first feature is CHANNEL ZERO...a metaphysical, psychological thriller that blends elements of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and is reminiscent of David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY.

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